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The following local organisations have contributed to this camera project:

Bournemouth & Poole College

Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Council

Bournemouth Natural Science Society

Dorset Bird Club

Wildlife Windows Ltd.

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Peregrine image courtesy of Pete Walkden

News 9th February 2020


2019 was a disappointing year for the Bournemouth peregrines. A pair of peregrines were present in town during the 2019 breeding season but they had chosen a different site than the Bournemouth College clock tower. We believe the change in site was brought about by a new incoming male which had replaced the previous one. The pair were seen on St Michael's Church, approximately a mile from the college, and were behaving in every way to suggest breeding was being attempted. Dispite much observation from the ground no fledged chicks were seen in Bournemouth during 2019 so we believe the pair failed to breed unfortunately.


However, 2020 is looking very promising as it looks like the resident pair have returned to use the clock tower at Bournemouth College. Over the last few months either one or both birds have been seen regularly on the tower. Very recent observations by a local enthusiast and via the nest camera have shown pre-breeding courship and display behaviour. On 8th February the pair were observerd (via the nest camera) courting and scrape making in the nest tray. On the same day, from the ground, the pair were also seen flying in and around the tower while being very vocal with each other.


So, everything is suggesting the birds will breed in the clock tower in 2020. There is a new camera in the nesting area which will go live on this website by 21st February.


We expect egg laying to start 15th March onwards but it may be earlier as it has been such a mild winter....we'll see.





Both birds on the clock tower 27th Jan 2020 (David Wareham)


Female on the clock tower 8th February 2020 (David Wareham)

BH peregrines_01_20200206145213807

Male inside the nesting area 6th February 2020 (Jason Fathers, via the nest camera)

News 21st February 2020 


Both adults have been seen displaying to each other on the nest tray and a snapshot was grabbed from the nest camera (below). In previous years first observed egg date has been from 15th March to 21st March so not long to go now.

First egg laid 1:11 a.m. 18th March 2020

Second egg laid 1:18pm 20th March (60h 7mins after first)

Third egg 6:29am 23rd March (65h 11mins after second)

Fourth egg 8:35pm 25th March (62h 6mins after third)


First chick hatched 6:30 a.m. 26th April

Second chick hatched 4:00 a.m. 27th April

Third chick hatched 2:45 a.m. 30th April

Fourth egg unhatched (won't hatch now)

2 chicks fledged 9th June

All three chicks confirmed as fledged 11th June

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Some people are experienceing issues with the live stream. We are sorry for this. It seems to be when watching on an iPad. The sream providers have been contacted and we are waiting for a reply. In the meantime we suggest you try viewing with a different device and/or browser.

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Welcome to the website of Bournemouth Peregrines.


Message February 16th 2021


Presently we are unsure if the peregrines are going to use the clock tower to nest in this year. There is a pair of birds present in the town.

We are monitoring this so as soon as we can confirm one way or the other we will let you know and get the streaming back on if there are.


Many thanks.