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Welcome to the website of Bournemouth Peregrines. We are pleased to have the opportunity to show live images from the nesting eyrie of these wonderful birds.

Bournemouth&PooleColege Bournemouth Borough Council BNSS Dorset Bird Club Wildlife-Windows

The following local organisations have contributed to this camera project:

Bournemouth & Poole College

Bournemouth Borough Council

Bournemouth Natural Science Society

Dorset Bird Club

Wildlife Windows Ltd.

Please follow their logo links to find out more about these organisations.


Peregrine image courtesy of Pete Walkden

2017 was a good breeding season for the Bournemouth peregrines. 3 of the 4 eggs that were laid hatched. The adults raised these chicks well (2 males and 1 female) and they successfully fledged. Let's hope 2018 is also s good season.

The camera is now live for 2018. The first egg was laid just before midnight on 22nd March.