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About Bournemouth Peregrines

Peregrines began to be seen regularly on several of Bournemouth’s churches and tall buildings from 2005 onwards. In 2009 a pair settled on the college clock tower at Lansdowne and has been present every year since.

Precise records of the breeding success of the Bournemouth peregrines is not available and as such this website is simple for the time being. We are hoping, with the use of the camera, to obtain detailed information on the Bournemouth peregrines and develop this website.

Last year (2016) the first of four eggs was laid in the early hours of the 15th March so we are expecting the first egg of 2017 quite soon. If the first egg of 2017 arrives around this date we will expect them to start hatching close to 19th April.


Below (an image from 2016) the female briefly revealed her eggs enabling this snapshot.

4 eggs